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Cookies are small packets of data that are sent from a website to the users browser. The browser holds this data for a specified amount of time. By sending a cookie with a random code to users that visit our site, our statistical tools can differentiate a new user from a returning one which helps us to analyse the populatity of parts of our site - combining that with search engine data gives us a set of tools that are essential for Search Engine Optimisation.

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If you would perfer not to allow websites to use cookies there are a number of tools available to disable them from your browser. These are the tools we recommend:

Chrome Ghostery extension (full blocking customisable) or Google's Keep My Opt-Outs extension (advert tracking cookie block)
FireFox Ghostery Add-on or Google's Cookie Opt-Out Plugin  
Internet Explorer Ghostery Add-on or Google's Cookie Opt-Out Plugin  
Safari Ghostery Extension

 More information about cookies and their usage can be found on Google Analytics' developer page