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Not Guilty Plea to an offence at The Magistrates Court (1)


  • A full pre-court conference either over the telephone or at one of our offices
  • Review of all the statements served by the Crown Prosecution Service
  • Statement taking from all necessary defence witnesses
  • All letters required to the court and CPS
  • Advice and guidance on plea and the likelihood of success
  • Attendance with you at all initial court hearings
  • All Representations during your trial
  • Advice on the outcome of your case


Please note that this fee does not include any expert’s reports or medical reports that may be required.  A solicitor will advise you if these are necessary.  If your case is one wherein the Magistrates find you guilty and decide that it is unsuitable for them to sentence you, they may commit your case to the crown court.  This fee does not include any representation at the Crown Court.